Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our economic situation

These economic issues that have been hurting millions of people world wide have not just started recently. What has happened is that the situation has grown and the media has taken note of the recent downturn. But for hundreds of years we have been struggling against the rich and powerful in this world. They have got us stuck ball and chain. They live in a world of gluttony. They use the common citizen like we are part of some sort of blood sport. We die working, doing jobs we don't fully enjoy. We die mining minerals that are not necessities. We do jobs that only support further pain. We must stop this hurtful addiction.

We must change this. Change this now. I'm not talking of a small political shift to the left. I am talking about big changes. Powerful changes. Changes that will shake this world. Change the political system and the economic system drastically. World wide change not just small country changes. We must get rid of the political system of states. Break the boarders. They only end up hurting people. Large governments destroy and distort what is right and what is wrong. We must have small groups function by them selves and sustain by themselves. Big governments are set up to help out only who is in power and to use the common citizen. Governments are leaches on the common man. We must remove these leaches before they suck us dry.

If a true communist follows the words of Marx and not the practice of Stalin, Mao, and Lenin, they will know that communism is not a growth of government. It is a dissolving of government. You have been taught that the USSR was the correct form and it didn't work. But you should not always believe the person who wrote the history book. I have taken the side of Marx because I read Marx before I was brainwashed by the text books and the history shows and by the brainwashed citizens around me.

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