Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Post (Totalitarianism, Entertainment, and Religion)

I do like ranting about many different political topics and i will do it and let you listen. A quick background about me. I am a self pronounced communist. I'm not a stalinist, maoist or leninist. I am a trotskyist-marxist I believe that all communist countries have been misguided and no true communist country has been allowed to flourish. I know saying that I'm a communist most of you will either move on to a different blog or just attack me and say communism has failed and will never work. I understand this issue and I have formulated why it has failed and thats why I am not a stalinist or maoist. This first blog post shall be a copy of some writing I did a few years ago that I found in a notebook I shall edit it and try my best to make it make sense, but not promises.

Totalitarianism, Entertainment, and Religion

One may think that these three don't have any relation and that a paper about them would seem random. But in fact religion is a form of totalitarianism. Entertainment and religion are both a necessity to most citizens in a capitalist state. Totalitarianism and religion are both tough issues when the communist revolution arrives. Religion has become such a big necessity to an overwhelming majority. And totalitarianism has become the easiest way to manage a communist state unfortunately at the expense of the citizen.

The totalitarian government is most close to capitalism because of the presence of exploited citizens for the gain to governmental officials. Unfortunately totalitarianism is most used in a communist state, the state that wants to get away from capitalism and exploiting the workers. I believe communism in a single country can work without a totalitarian government. It has not been shown. The use of democracy gives the citizens the ability not to suppress others. Democracy in the capitalist world has become a way the elites suppress the lower classes. It has become a way to hide totalitarianism just like Stalin hid fascism under the vail of communism. This happens no worse than in the legislative branch of the United States where incumbency rates almost make a position in the branch a life term. And the presidency slowly becomes more elite with the two party elections. The who party system that we have been forced into allows for the leaders of this nation to listen less to their constituents. Ideas have become stagnant, all hope is falsified just to get twenty more votes.

Entertainment is a tough issue because of its rapid change and advancement from the times of Marx, and Trotsky. The invention of video games and computers and the internet are all capitalist items that are used to keep the worker in debt and keep those chains on them. In a communist state these are easy items to raise citizen moral. Without them one of the most powerful group of citizens will arise and revolt just like we will. Unfortunately none of our great communist have talked about this. This lead to a bland Russian lifestyle during the USSR. We must not for one second give up on our citizens' needs to be entertained. For if we limit this we will have discontented citizens that will not try to better themselves and the country.

The most difficult issue a new communist government must face is the extreme powerhouse of religion. Religion and churches are one of the most capitalist institutions and ideas in the world. It is one's free will to worship a higher being and yes it is also one's free will to support an institution, idea or cause. But when a church puts monetary donations ahead of teaching a religion or hints that a donation might put them at a higher standing after death, then it becomes a capitalist institution. The higher ups in a church are not there just for religious gains. All religious leaders have a political and monetary want from doing the job. When they get more money from their supporters they can create a new church with better facilities. When they convert more people to a political idea that supports government's backing of religion they will get more support from the government. This is another reason why most if not all religious groups are a miniscule capitalist system.

This is all I wrote, but I am thinking of more to write. and I shall go more in depth in future posts. Thank you and your comments are wanted no matter how harsh.

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