Friday, July 17, 2009

Socialized Medicine

I was at the county fair yesterday and I was talking to the local Democrat stand. I was talking to the lady running the stand and she was trying to get me to sign up for a petition for the new health care plan. And this lady walking by stops and scuffs at this and starts to complain about it. Me being the political person I am I didn't walk away. I argued. Her main points were that this new plan will cost more, it will ruin the healthcare system here, and that it will kill the elderly.

I will agree that the new plan will cost more, but it is a fact that Europe has cheeper healthcare per person than our "wonderful and cheep" system. The reason they why this is capable is because government healthcare doesn't look for loopholes because everyone is completely covered and the government does not try to be profitable. It is sickening how our health is now controlled by profit. If your health isn't profitable you are removed. Socialized healthcare is our responsibility. I want to believe we are equally civilized as Europe, Canada, and other countries with socialized healthcare. But the barbaric rich in this country keep power and keep socialized healthcare out of the country. This is why Obama and his new plan anger me. He started his campaign with a promise of socialized healthcare, but the political elite in the Democrat party forced him to become a centrist on all of his views. The barbaric money lovers can't realize that to help everyone will delay the end and will help the country and economy prosper.

It will ruin the healthcare system, but it will only ruin the insurance companies. The hospitals will defiantly go through a rough restructuring, but they will come out on the other side with happier doctors and happier and healthier patients. Doctors don't go out of business. They have less stress when dealing with a government with socialized healthcare than with HMO and their loopholes. We must realize this. We have one of the strongest and advanced government's in this world and still we have an extremely primitive system in dealing with an issue more important than any war, any road project, any tax, but we still sit back and say its good enough. It's not my friends, it's not.

And the final point that socialized healthcare kills the elderly is wrong. The average life span in countries with socialized healthcare is higher. The elderly receive healthcare and wont have the troubles of healthcare costs that come with old age. I know these costs second hand. With my grandparents living with my family I see the costs that come with old age. With socialized medicine comes an extra respect and help to the wisest of this country. We have social security and that was attacked earlier and we protected it. The lady I was debating most likely sees old age as a time for cosmetic surgery and excess. When this is not covered she will defend the regular system because she can afford it and a selfish mentally will grow with her age.


  1. There were people protesting the new healthcare plan between me and my car on my way to lunch today. I couldn't cross the street and one of them asked me if I would call my congressman. I said I would indeed, to reiterate that I am pro-socialized health care.
    He told me I was a bitch.
    Just to prove to him how much of a bitch I was, I told him that I would be okay without socialzed health care if only they would keep on protesting in the cold and rain so they would have to spend a bunch of money on their doctor bills when htey get sick.
    I hate people.

  2. It shows why the people protecting our healthcare system have a one track selfish mind. Unwilling for change and unwilling to help. And it also helps to prove it when i call them barbarians... thats sorta sickening to hear people openly call you a bitch during a protest about something they are trying to influence people with....